Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a Home Theater System

Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a Home Theater System

With all of the great home theater gear that’s available these days, it’s tempting to just buy the products that look the most appealing, take ‘em home, hook it all up, and enjoy the show. Unfortunately, purchasing the best home theater system to fit your particular needs is almost never that easy, and the process […]

Home Theater 101: I bought a TV, now what?

Home Theater 101:  I bought a TV, now what?

At Aperion Audio when I talk with people about putting together a home theater, most can be categorized into two groups.  The first full of people that love audio and have built a nice system for music but now they want to watch movies at home as well.  I’d say that about 10% of our […]

How to Choose The Best Speaker Wire

How to Choose The Best Speaker Wire

So what’s the deal with all the different kinds of speaker wire? There isn’t a more controversial topic in the world of audio.  In one corner, you have the true believers asking incredulously: “What do you mean you can’t hear the difference?  There must be something wrong with your ears.”  In the other corner you […]

How to Choose a Subwoofer

How to Choose a Subwoofer

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer What’s A Subwoofer To Do? A subwoofer’s calling in life is simply to bring deep, awe-inspiring bass to your movies and music. “All right, cool” you say, “Which one should I get?” Allow us to assist. Your Comparison Checklist Please use this checklist as you shop for your new speakers […]

Dorm Room Audio Essentials

Dorm Room Audio Essentials

It’s almost time for school to start again and as many college students know, having a nice audio system can make dorm life much more enjoyable.  Headphones are great and probably offer the most affordable way to get you great sound on a tight budget, but they’re for your ears only and not practical for […]

New Receivers from Marantz

New Receivers from Marantz

Aperion Audio has been a long time fan of Marantz receivers.  We have long felt that Marantz receivers bring out some of the best qualities in Aperion speakers, one of those magical combinations that just work so well together.  Marantz will be releasing their new line of receivers this summer and we couldn’t be happier. […]

TVs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

TVs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Direct View—A True Original Still the most common TV in homes today, Direct View CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) is the original granddaddy that started it all. Invented in the late 1920s, the concept remains essentially the same to this day. A glass vacuum tube with a flat screen is covered with red, blue and green […]

Sizing up your TV

The Formula—Helpful or Bogus? Theoretically, there’s a formula for calculating “ideal” screen-to-viewing distance. Ideal because some experts say it’s the distance you should sit from you TV so that you see the whole image without seeing the lines or pixels used to create it. But you know how theories can be. Nevertheless, it looks something […]

HDMI Cable Buyer’s Guide

By: Oliver Amnuayphol Home Theater Guru If you’ve recently spent any time checking out HDTVs or other high-resolution home theater components, chances are you’ve heard some buzz about HDMI, and for good reason: Since its introduction in late 2003, HDMI has practically become the universal standard for bringing together today’s high-definition home theater components. Thanks […]

Video Game Console Buyers’ Guide

By Alex Pasco Aperion Audio Creative Manager This article was originally posted in 2008, we’ve updated it to reflect pricing changes.  Studies have shown that this is going to be the biggest year yet for the video game industry – an industry that has seen record growth for the past ten years and no signs […]

How to Choose a Soundbar

By Oliver Amnuayphol Home Theater Guru Soundbars are the latest speaker system technology that feature a full-range speaker array in a compact cabinet to match flat-panel TVs aesthetics, but they can’t replicate the full theater-like experience you get from multiple speakers. So when does a soundbar make sense for you? They are the perfect solution […]

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer Have you noticed those attractive speakers mounted in a wall or ceiling and admired the way they visually disappear in a room? Are you looking to add distributed audio throughout your house? In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers may be the right choice. The following questions paired with our advice will help […]

How to Make Fair Speaker Comparisons

By: Ken Humphreys Speaker Engineer Making Fair Speaker Comparisons Which speakers should you get? You’ve read all the specs, done your homework memorizing speaker concepts and theory, read tons of reviews, solicited the opinions of friends and scoured the internet. But at the end of the day, the real test is how they sound. Yep, […]

How to Choose Speakers

Speakers Make The System If a person’s got second-rate speakers they’ve got a second-rate home theater, no matter how high-end the other components. Any home theater junkie will tell you the best way to improve a home theater is with a speaker upgrade. Heck, many experts even go as far as recommending that half your […]

How to Choose a Receiver

Selecting a home theater receiver can be a real challenge.  Being bombarded with models and terms and specifications is enough to make you pass out!  With that in mind, we present our handy course on choosing a home theater receiver. Before you’re ready to spend your hard earned cash, you should ask yourself a few […]

Building a Speaker System on a Budget

By: Caleb Denison, Home Theater Guru On a budget? Not ready to plunge headlong into a full on 7.1 home theater system just yet? No problem. The solution is to piece meal your system.  You get the advantages of a lower initial investment, you lessen the shock value to your significant other by having fewer […]

Armed and Ready to Shop – Home Electronics Buying Guide

Five Tips to Get You Started TIP #1 Spend some quality time with your room. It’s as much a component in your home theater system as any of the electronics you’ll buy. Ask Yourself: In what room will my home theater be?Is it going to be a room solely for my system or will it […]

Flat Panel TV Buying Guide

By: Oliver Amnuayphol – Home Theater Guru Who could’ve imagined just a little over ten years ago those bulky, heavy, and big-boxed TVs that were once the dominating force in home theater viewing would rapidly slim down into lean, mean, sexy flat panel machines? While CRTs (the technology behind traditional tube, rear projection, and front projection […]