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    I am new to home theater.  I love watching movies and playing video games.  I have always wanted a surround sound system, but never wanted to put one in an apartment.  Finally we are moving into a house and I have put some money away for a new system!!!  I was originally going to purchase an Onkyo 9100 THX HTIB, but after reading all the wonderful things about the 4T I am thinking about about splurging and going with the 4T Hybrid set up.  Can anyone compare and contrast the differences between these two systems?  What exactly am I getting for twice as much money (when figuring in a receiver too)?

    Also, if I do choose the 4T what receiver would you recommend?  What differnces to you get with $400-$500 receivers vs. $600-$800 receivers? I have read great things about the Pioneer 1019's, but is it worth spending the extra money on the VSX-21?  I would not be married to a Pioneer, so any input would be greatly appreciated about other brands as well.  Thank you in advance for you recommendations!



    Welcome to the forums.


    I'm sure there are all kinds of technical reasons why the Aperions would blow a HTIB out of the water, but I don't know them off the top of my head.  However, I will say that I've never heard anyone speak highly enough about ANY HTIB that would make me think this one would stack up well with a 4T system.


    HTIB's are great for the value they offer.  An all-in-one package at a reasonable price, that suits many people.  I have an Onkyo 876 powering my Aperions, and really like Onkyo's offerings.  But to me, having been VERY satisfied with my Aperions, I can't imagine even Onkyo's top of the line HTIB competing in this case.


    The most important thing to remember is the 30 day in-home trial.  If you have the opportunity to audition both in your home, in reality, only your ears can be the judge.


    As for receivers, power is one thing, and codecs are another.  But, even something like an Onkyo 607 will have some pretty decent power and has all the newest HD codecs, and those run between $400-500.  Stepping up to a higher-mid-range model could offer pre-outs that allow you to add a separate amp to boost the power in the future if you so choose.


    Hope this helps…again, welcome!





    Kinda interesting… my first foray into Home Theater was an Onkyo HTIB.  It was really highly regarded in various places I read about it.  Most audiophile sites or forums didn't have much on it.  Understandable.  But most general audience sites like CNET and Amazon or Circuit City user reviews liked it.  A lot.  It was fine at the time.

    So, over a span of 8 or 9 years, I went ahead and did exactly what you're not supposed to do: I Invested in everything other than speakers.  And for the most part that was fine, given my income and that kind of stuff.

    But last week, I put my Aperion speakers into place and, I'll tell ya, I'm pretty happy.  I did invest in a good receiver before I bought good speakers, but this whole Plasma TV + HDMI thing sort of necessitates that.  Had to be done.  But now with great speakers in place …life's pretty good.

    So, i think that if you can manage to save up for some good speakers, I'd do it.  If you're a starving college student, your choices are limited.



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