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    I am quite envious….tell me how it is (like I really need to know!).

    BTW….I see you have plenty of breathing room for your 875. I have the same for my 805 and have questioned whether or not I should fan it. What do you think? I have never had a shut down…..



    Lookin' good PJ!  If it's anything like my XPA-5 you'll need to recalibrate the sound level on all of your speaks, as the amp boosted the signal quite a bit.  After you get it all dialed in and are able to do some serious listening, I'm curious to hear your impressions (I had the XPA hooked up to my 6Ts and 6C since I got them, so I never did a before-and-after comparison).  Congrats on the latest member of your audio family.




    Haven't had a chance to do much serious listening yet, but zero complaints so far!


    As for the fan, the last cabinet I had was pretty tight on space, so I bought the fans for that.  When I bought this new TV stand, I just left it on there.  Old habits…


    No, I don't think it needs it at this point, but I do like the fact that it's cool to the touch now even when on for a few hours.


    Thanks, guys!



    nice looking setup pj….you will be keeping the xpa3.  browning



    [quote user="blkhks"]

    Color me green with envy.

    That's a sweet setup, PJ.  Congrats on the new addition.



    A beautiful setup indeed. We don't get too much feedback on the Emotiva amps, so please let us know what you think of it.

    Happy  Listening,

    - Oliver



    That is nice.  I was hoping one day i'd upgrade to a old Adcom 3 channel amp, but until then i will live vicariously through others.  Congrats on your new purchase, i'm sure those 5B's will sing with that XPA-3 and 12D you've got going on in there.  [Y]  I couldn't imagine you'd ever want anything more in that room

     Oh, you might not need those fans on the Onkyo anymore seeing as how you've dropped the load of the front 3 channels?




    [Y][Y] Flawless as always PJ.

     Where you get that fan? Looks like that is a perfect fit for my setup.



    emo and aperion sound great together imo



    Thanks again, all!  So far, so good…but I've only really watched TV on it, so I hope to get a BD or two in this weekend to really push it and see how the new amp delivers.


    I don't know that it will be a HUGE improvement.  The 876 wasn't exactly a slouch in the amp section.  But hopefully I'll be wrong in that thinking.  [:)]


    As for the fan section, I bought this: http://www.coolerguys.com/ccstandk.html





    OK…so I snuck in the movie "Identity" tonight on BD.  I don't think I've watched it since either my 876 or my Aperions, so this isn't going to be any kind of comparison test.  But I will say, WOW. 


    Not a lot of LFE, but the whole thing (for those that haven't seen it) takes place in a rainstorm.  The thunder, and consistent rain throughout was a stellar effect.  While there was minimal music, the depth and clarity of it was outstanding.


    Again…if you have a comparable AVR to an 876, I don't know that it's a vast improvement.  Much of what I hear could be a placebo effect.  But if I were to do it all over again, I would've started with an Emo amp as part of my original plan!  My Aperions sound amazing with it.


    Sorry I don't really have any more specifics to share.  If I get a chance to do a little more critical listening this weekend, I'll be sure and share my thoughts on it again.



    i'm with pj…..i have a denon 3808ci and i have a xpa3 driving my 3 6ts.  everything sounds better-both for music and ht,i can really crank everything up to another level…i apologize for all the lower case typing my right arm is in a splint and sling..had a complete right bicep tear, pain meds seem to be working.  i will have plenty of time to listen to my setup, off from work for at least 6 mos.



    Hello to all,

    Been reading the post on the XPA-3 How do the surrounds sound without the extra power?

    I was thinking about the XPA-5 but won't put the extra $ if it's not really needed.

    Any input would be a great help.

      Also do you have the balanced switch in the back on balanced or unbalanced?

    I have 6 t's as fronts and 6 c center surrounds are Definitive tech bx2p and  supercube II as my sub





    A better question to answer would be how large your room is.  I have 4B's in a medium sized room (15×20) and they sound great.


    Unless you're running incredibly inefficient surrounds or are in an enormous room, I think a decent receiver running the surrounds and an XPA-3 for the front stage is a good play.  Also, you can eventually add an XPA-2 for the L-R channels, and have the 3 run your center and two surrounds down the line.  That would be a KILLER 5-channel power setup.  So you know, that's my eventual plan when I step up in size both in speaker and in living space.





    Hi PJ,

    Thanks for the info. I have def. tech BP2X as rears and my room is 19' X 19'  My avr is a denon 2308ci.

    Do you have the switch in the back of your XPA-3 turned to balanced or un balanced?

    How much of a diff can you tell from adding the amp? Just cleaner power and more of a better top end?


    Thanks Grego

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