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    I purchased a verus forte system about eight months ago and am currently powering it with a Onkyo TX-SR703 reciver, 100 wpc, that I have had for years. The system sounds great but the reciver is lacking HDMI and other features so it is next on my list to be upgraded. I have decided to go with separates from either outlaw audio or Emotiva.

    In a separates system from either of these manufactures how many watts would be optimal for the forte towers, forte center, and forte satellites. I get that the more the better but in your experiance with these speakers at what wattage would you say they really start to open up.


    Hello Gilbert,
    I had to do the same thing. This just means that your garage system is about to get a big upgrade.
    Your Forte system should perk up nicely with around 140-200 watts. I really like what Emotiva has to offer for power and reasonable pricing. Take a look at the Emotiva UMC-200 7.1 Home Theater Preamp, XPA-3 – 200W x 3, and the XPA-200 – 150W x 2. The XPA-3 would be more suited for the Forte towers, and center. The XPA-200 would run the Forte Satelites. This set up should run you around $1657.00 and will power your speakers very well. Hopefully this helps with your search.
    Let me know if you have any additinal questions.



    Awesome, you listed the exact setup i was thinking about! thanks for the response :)


    hey guys. I’m an audiophile noob, so to say. I had the pleasure of owning 5Ts as my stereo speakers paired with a Yamaha Receiver but left that set up at the parents’ house and now I’m ready to treat myself to something proper. I use these mostly for music so prefer a stereo setup with a subwoofer. The Emotiva setup above sounds great, but what happens to the subwoofer? Is that powered by the pre-amp/processor?

    Thank you


    The Verus line would be a very nice step up from the 5Ts. The subwoofer will conect to the sub-out from your pre-amp/processor which will only send a source signal to the subwoofer. The subwoofer is self powered with it’s own internal amplifier.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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