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    So I've got a Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 setup in my family room with a
    Yamaha 8" subwoofer  that replaced the original Polk sub that failed on
    me all running off an Onkyo SR304(don't laugh it's the best receiver that will fit heightwise under my wall unit)
    , and I'm reading all the glowing reviews and comments on the Aperion
    forum and AVS Aperion owners thread and I've got a question.

    much of an upgrade will it be moving from the Polk Rm 6750's (I need to
    keep the Yamaha Sub because it's the best 8" sub I could find that will
    fit in a tight spot on the front wall of my family room in the corner –
    sadly I only have a 12" width clearance) to a 5.1 setup with (4) 4B and
    (1) 4C?

    I watch 70% TV, 25% movies and 5% music that consists of
    XM Radio on Satellite TV and Metal Mania on VH1 Classic (go
    hairmetal!). If the 4B's are that much better than my Polks I may
    listen to a lot more music than I do.

    For the record I'm pleased
    with the Polks for movies, but they really sound thin to me for music
    so I thought about getting (2) 4T and (1) 4C and (2) 4B's for
    surrounds. I used to listen to music on some old Cerwin Vega 500w
    towers that had a 10" speaker that sounded great, but the WAF got so
    bad I had to get rid of them last year.

    Is it worth the $680
    for (4) 4B's and 4C since they're so similar in size to the Polks, or
    should I fork out the $1070 for the 4T, 4B and 4C and sacrifice the sub
    (which doesn't thrill me for TV and Movies)?

    If you're going to suggest getting big towers to make up for the
    sub, I can't go any bigger than 5T's for space reasons and if I do I
    don't have room for the sub.

    What to do?



    Hey, I too was recently in a similar situation. I previously had 2 500w MTX towers that each had a 12" woofer. I presently have the 4Ts, 5C, 4Bs, & a crappy Sony 10" sub (for now). I was worried about the loss of bass & to my surprise there isn't much of one.

    An old friend used to have CV towers similar to yours & those just like my MTXs had alot of bass, but the quality of the Aperion speakers makes the slightly less bass sound ALOT better than either set of towers. But I think the 8D addition will offer even more than the towers + the Aperion quality so I would definitely consider getting an 8D e if it's in your budget/if you have room for it.

    If you could give us the listening area measurements better advice on which size speakers can be given.

    (Point of reference: My room is 10'x12' )



    Oops! Forgot the room measurements!

    My family room is 15' x 15' and I sit about 13' from the media unit and front speakers (front speakers are currently 44" apart on either side of the TV (ear height while seated on the sectional) with the center channel on the shelf below the TV. The room has a large sectional sofa and two chairs and openings to (2) other rooms.

    The 8D sub is out for now as I just bought the Yamaha YST-SW215PN last week and it sounds pretty good (which is a relative statement that means it sounds better than the Polk as it's a down firing sub and not so boomy in the corner). I may audition the 8D in a few months after I figure out my fronts, center and surrounds as it looks like it will fit in the space the Yamaha currently occupies.

    I don't think there is any way on God's green earth the wife will go for a sub sitting half-way down the wall between my media unit and the sectional or I'd just get the 10D or 12D, sell the Yamaha and be done with it – not to mention I've got two kids under 10 in the house and if you know anything about kids that age you don't want anything of value sitting out in the middle of the floor or it will be destroyed by "accident" in 5 minutes or less.

    The real key for me is the space to efficiency issue. I may be able to swing 5B's (space wise) up front but they will have to be wall mounted or attached to the side of the media center.

    Either that or the I could get 4T or 5T towers and lose the sub (one of the towers will have to go where the sub now sits).




    I actually bought the 5Bs before upgrading to the 4Ts, I had the same plan of wall mounting them. I later realized though that by the time I buy the mounts (or stands) the total cost is pretty close to that of the 4Ts. So may as well put the additional money towards better speakers rather than furniture. The 4Ts offer much better mids & a much larger sound stage.

    Since your room is a  good deal larger than mine, and you will be losing the sub, I would go with the 5Ts should you choose that route. Although, if you go with the 5Bs you can keep the sub which is likely to better suite you since you said you're primarily watching tv/movies and not listening to much music which is where to towers really shine.

    Also, you may want to look at the 5C rather than 4C. I recall reading somewhere that the 4C is recommended for sitting distances of up to 10'. Plus the 5C's frequency response is awesome for both movies & music.

    The gurus will be around tomorrow & will be able to offer better advice than me of course though I hope I'm of some help.

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