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    I have had a continual problem taming my bass.  I know it is a room issue and I have tried many experiments.  I don't have a lot of placement options on my 8D, or my 4Ts either.  The best solution I have come up with is to turn the sub down.  That is not a good solution however.  I decided to try something else.  Let me show you my sub location.



     Bad Corner



     What I tried yesterday was to gather all the pillows I could find and stacked them behind the dreaded "Comfy Chair"!  It made a huge difference.  I was able to bump my sub up by 6 dB and the whole mucial range was clearer, not just the bass but the mids clarity improved a lot.  Ok, the wife had a fit, she wants her sofa cusions back.  They helped but it needs more.  I know PJ ordered some but you have to get 2 and I only need one, besides you all probably figured out by now I am frugal.  I did some google searching and did not find a lot of good stuff for do it yourselfers.  Does anybody have any tips, links or other suggestions?





    Hi Russ, glad to see you're exploring acoustical room correction; it really is the best way to get the most out of your speakers as the room quality is just as important as the speaker quality. I know you mentioned you needed only one; is that because there's nowhere to put the 2nd one? Two bass traps really make a huge difference so if have another free corner I'd certainly recommend it. I know a popular option is to get a pair of the GIK tri traps and stack them in the corner. A link: 


    Audioholics review:


    If you're really set on a single trap, the GIK Elite pillar should do wonders. Not sure if it'll fit in your space, but here's a link:


    Hope this helps.

    - Oliver



    +1 on what Oliver said. As you found out for yourself, it will be a noticeable improvement. I'd also vote for finding a place for the second, or at the very least, storing it if you ever intend to move into a larger place that might have more room.


    I had a great experience with GiK, and would definitely recommend them.  For DIY options, the first place I'd check would be AVSForums, as they have guys over there that, in some cases, build EVERYTHING themselves.  Personally, it was worth the money to me to have something high-quality, done for me, that improves the look of my room, not just the sound.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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