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    …and I'm loving 'em.  Gotta say, there's few time where a product truly lives up to the hype. I use it primarily for TV, but every once in a while a moment occurs when I'm alone in the room and can just sit and listen to some tunes. Not often with 3 children.  But, tonights one of those nights.  2 ch. stereo through the 4T's.  Such a great sound.   I'm trying to convert my Bose loving father iin-law.  His receiver died so he bought a HK 354.     He wanted a Center speaker after I convinced him to plug a speaker in.  So he goes and buys a bose center for 200 bucks.  Thing is 18' wide, 5" deep and 3" tall.  So I do what any self respecting Son-inlaw would do.  I packed up my towers and center and hauled 'em over.  He painfully admitted the 4C sounded better.  :)  He's slowly coming around.  He'll have a set of 4T's and a 4C before it's over. If I gotta go watch TV over there, I ought to at least enjoy the sounds.  :)  Anyway, if you're looking at these systems, believe the hype.  They truly are a cut above the rest.  I just can't wait until I have a big enough space for a set of 6T's. 



    Glad you are still enjoying your Aperions.  Hopefully your father-in-law will come around.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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