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    i am hoping to purchase some aperion speakers for mostly home theater. i have a 18×22 living room with a large opening on one side (about 12ft) to the dining room. I am curious which would be better for my situation the intimus 6b f HD fusion set or the or the 5t hybrid system? does the 6b really go lower than the 5t's? any help is appreciated….. Thanks



    Towers are great, though they really shine when listening to music.  But really, it's more about personal preference.


    I happen to be a fan of bookshelves, so in your situation, I'd go 6B.  Again, just my opinion, as neither is a bad choice.  With a quality sub, you won't be missing much.  Just make sure you have enough power to drive them.





    My room is about the same size and it has a large opening on one side like yours. I also have vaulted ceilings that go as high as 16 feet.

    I have 5T's up front with a 5C, 5Bs in the back and a 10D sub. They fill the room with no problem at all.



    One other factor to consider is the 6Bs are Aperion's least sensitive speaker, which means you would need more power to drive them to a given volume as compared to the 5Ts.  If you have a beefy receiver, this shouldn't be much of a concern for you, especially given that your primary use would be for home theater.  For movies (assuming the crossover for your speaks is set to 80 Hz and the sub handles all the low end), I don't think there is a definitive "winner" between bookshelf speaks and towers.  It mainly comes down to style preference and price (don't forget to factor in the cost of stands if you go with the 6Cs).

     Just my 2 cents.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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