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    I’ve had some struggles with the Verus tweeters and need to know what the most likely cause is. I purchased a set of Verus Forte towers a while back and was powering it with an older Sony Receiver, which was rated at 120W x2 at 8 ohm 20-20KHZ. I was listening to my music at a pretty loud level and I blew one tweeter on my speakers. The tweeter was replaced, and I upgraded to a Pioneer Elite SC-07 Receiver rated at 150W x2 at 8ohm 20-20KHZ. An audioholics review confirmed the power supply actually met these measurements and then a few months later I blew both tweeters simultaneously, once again listening at a loud level. Both tweeters were replaced and I figured I was probably working the speakers too hard.

    So I upgraded to the Grand Verus Towers and bought two Emotiva XPA-100’s putting out 250W and used the SC-07 for a pre-amp. This setup worked flawlessly for a year but a few months ago I, while listening at a high volume again, I blew both tweeters simultaneously again.

    I starting to think that the VGT’s can’t handle the volume of music I sometimes like to play them at, (or they have a tweeter design issue) but a google of VGT and tweeters doesn’t return much results so I’m thinking the tweeter design is fine. The VGT’s are rated for 300W, but since they are 6 ohm, my amps should have been putting out more than 300W, (assuming they were maxed out) when the tweeters went. Normally, I would think that the amps distorted and killed the tweeters, which I would remedy with larger amps, but I’m not sure if these speakers can handle much more power

    Does anybody have any advice for me, this is starting to become a drag, and the wife is second guessing the speakers I told her would last us a decade.

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