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    Hi All.  I just received my speakers last Monday (6T's, 6c, Bravus 12D, and 2 in-ceilings – all powered by a Denon 3808ci).  The speakers sounded good to start with and keep getting better, but I was having problems with the 12D – it kept turning on and off in mid-song in the auto mode when playing at softer volumes.  This was really annoying so I checked the forum for solutions.  After reading various tips, I ended up tweaking the receiver to set the sub at +15dB (in LFE + Main mode), the crossover frequencies for all speakers to 80Hz, set the channel level so all speakers were at -12dB and the sub was at +12dB (the maximum differential possible there), and turned the volume on the 12D all the way up.  I even messed around with the manual equalizer and used a y-adapter to boost the signal to the sub.  Nothing seemed to help.  Then I logged in to chat with a guru and Jason Hicks suggested I just leave the sub on for awhile (instead of auto mode).  I didn't want that to be a permanent solution, but he said it would help diagnose the problem so I did that for the rest of the night and the same issues seemed to continue (although not as bad).  I shut the whole thing down kind of bummed that night and got up the next day, turned it on and waited for the frustration to continue, but it seemed to work okay.  So I turned the volume down on the music and set the sub back to "auto" to try to mess it up again.  No problem.  Now I have the sub volume turned way down (-15) and it doesn't break up at all – just quietly and richly provides the music with beautiful nonstop base.  I'm writing all this just to say – that for anyone who has problems with their sub try everything I tried, then talk to a guru of course (thanks Jason), but after all that – don't give up hope until your audition period starts to run out.  I have no idea what happened (would love an explanation if anyone has one), but for now I'm just thinking the Bravus and I needed to work into our relationshp a little more slowly so we could warm up to each other.  My speakers sound better by the day (they have reached "fantastic" status and are still rising), the sub is literally amazing, and despite what everyone else on the forum (and on avsforum) has said before, I seriously underestimated the beauty and quality of the wood these speakers are made with.  I was speechless when I unpacked them.  Anyway, thanks everyone!


    Jason Hicks

    Hmmm, not sure why it started working all of the sudden, but all is well that ends well!

    Just let us know if there is anything else we can help with and thanks for the kind words.  

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