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    Hello, I am brand new to the Aperion forum and am seeking the advice of its experts. Today, I listened to the B&W CM8, i really love sound but was not as enthused about the price. I have been very curious about the Verus Fortes and was wondering if anyone has experience with comparing these two speakers. At $1000 dollars less a pair I am hoping they are a viable alternative. Any input is welcome input!


    Any inputs or opinions?


    Jason Hicks

    Hello Gerald,

    Thanks for checking in with us. I think the CM8 will come in somewhere between our Verus Forte Tower and the Verus Grand Tower since it uses five inch drivers and the Forte uses four inch drivers. The Verus Forte could best the CM8 in terms of sound quality but you’ll likely get a little fuller sound and more room filling capability with the CM8.

    As for general comparisons between the B&W CMs and Verus lines, some folks over at AVS that I summarized at the bottom of this page:


    This one from a customer of ours comparing our speakers to both B&W and PSB is an awesome review and worth reposting here:

    Hey all. First post.
    I just brought home a set of VGTs last night. My office is down the street from Aperion, and I have been waiting like everyone else for the next shipment. Matt called me about a set of A-stock returns they just received, and was cool enough to hang out after work until I could show up to take them home.

    $1528 into the back of my car. I believe they have 2 more sets…

    I am a former recording engineer, with a ton of big album credits back in the day, so my concept of good/bad is perhaps a bit more specific than most. My tastes tend toward flat and precise, rather than pretty. I’m the guy obsessing over counting the number of early reflections on a kickdrum, or the ability to hear the studio gate closing on a buzzing guitar track, rather than how big the bottom end is and such (for whatever that is worth).

    I set them up in my big live living room next to a pair of B&W CM9s and a set of PSB Synchrony 2s that I have been auditioning, plugged into my Marantz 7005. No Audyssey engaged.

    First impressions: these are an absolutely amazing set of speakers. They are very, very flat, and have remarkable detail and imaging. Despite the increased range of the B&W tweeters, the Aperions are far more precise, and have spectacular imaging. Their ability to localize a transient to a point in space, rather than just to a region, is something I have not heard outside a studio control room, at least not to anywhere near this level of precision.

    I put them up against my trusted Meyer HD1s (industry standard powered reference monitors), and found that they held their own.

    Unlike virtually every audiophile speakers I have tried, I feel like I may actually be able to mix on these.

    Bottom line, these are the best purchase I have made in years.

    I hope that helps!


    Thank you for your response Jason. I was starting to get a little worried. You have confirmed my suspicions about the comparability of the two speakers. I will be ordering a pair of Verus Fortes in the next few weeks. I would order them now but I am waiting to see if a Black Friday sale is on the horizon….can provide any insight? Probably not…..but it was worth a shot. I was also wondering…do you offer a military discount…again….probably not but I have to make sure =)


    Jason Hicks

    Excellent, glad to hear you will be ordering the Forte Towers!

    Yes, we will be running some type of promo for Black Friday. I don’t have any details as to what it will be as marketing keeps in the dark about these things until the last minute by design.

    I kind of doubt it will be for the Verus Fortes as they have been selling well on their own, but I really don’t know what we will be doing.



    Good Afternoon,
    A curious question that all replies are welcome. Regarding the Verus Forte towers. Is there any benefit in bi-wiring or bi-amping these speakers? Also, regarding the speaker terminal jumpers being made of brass, is there any benefit in replacing them with pure OFC wire jumpers? Thanks in advance for your response.


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