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    I have a placement dilemma and was wondering if the solution I have in mind would work.

    My question is: If 5Ts can not be placed at more than a 30 degree listening angle from
    the main seating area, does it make sense to supplement a pair of 5Ts
    with a pair of 6ICs for a wider stereo sound?

    My room: From the perspective of the main seating area, the theater area is 13' wide by 17' deep. Due to the large viewing distance, the angle to the front of the room is already well below the optimal 45 degrees. To make matters worse, the front wall has a staircase protruding on the left quarter, forming an a/v "nook" that restricts tower speakers to the remaining 3/4 of the wall to the right. If I wanted to center my equipment in the room (not the center of the nook), that brings the right tower in even further. The floors are hardwood.

    My limitations: Moving furniture closer is not an option. The left wall is an open partition, making it difficult to bounce sound as well. I cannot run cable in my walls, but I have pre-wired the ceiling for up to 6 speakers.

    My gear: STR-DG820 receiver allows a redundant pair of stereo speakers in addition to the 6.1 I'd like to install.

    Towers give me less than 30 degrees when centered in the nook… so would ceiling speakers widen the stereo image effectively?




    Jason Hicks

    Hello there,

    If the towers are going to be closer than ideal then I'd try angling them out slightly.  Of course you don't want them pointed directly at a side wall but you can angle them out just a bit to get a broader sound field from them.  

    I would not advise adding a pair of in ceilings, that's a recipe for phase issues between the sound fields of the in ceilings and the towers.  

    Hope that helps! 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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