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    Will my grand Verus towers benefit from monoblock class A amps (up to 35 watts) (class B up to 250 Watts)


    Oh forgot to mention, currently using a Pioneer Elite reciever 105 watts per channel


    Jason Hicks

    Hello Harrison,

    Can you let me know the brand and model numbers of both the mono blocks and the Pioneer so I can take a closer look at the specs?



    Either the Emotiva XPA-1L or the XPA-1. Haven’t decided yet, but can’t believe the difference in price from something like an Emotiva amp incredibly expensive “audiophile” amps is worth the difference in sound quality.


    Jason Hicks

    Got it, ok yeah either of those amps will be a big upgrade over the Pioneer.

    As for which one, it’s question of whether you want more class A power or more power overall.

    However the XPA-1L is a new product and it looks like there may be some issues with it, so the XPA-1 is probably a safer bet. Check out the last couple pages of this thread for more details:

    I hope that helps!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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