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    Doug Reim

    Does anyone have side to side experience with the Grand Bookshelf and the Grand Tower?
    I was interested in the Towers but bought the Bookshelves thinking that I’d get a good idea of their sound and that the smaller speakers would be much easier to return if I didn’t like them. That was a mistake because now I’m stuck. I think these speakers do some things great but there’s a couple of weaknesses to my ears. I really want to like these speakers and get the Towers, they are absolutely the best looking speakers that I have seen. I know that’s not supposed to matter but I can’t help it, I really like the way these things look. I’m hoping someone is going to chime in and say , yeah…..the Towers do this differently and that differently addressing my perceived faults with the Bookshelves. Any thoughts regarding the differences between these two speakers would sure be appreciated, thanks.


    Jason Hicks

    Hello Doug,

    First off I would just mention that the speakers have a break in period of 40-50 hours. If you work during the day I would recommend leaving them on while you are out so you can get them broken in a matter of a few days. It won’t be a night and day difference but once they are broken in you should hear more bass extension and a little bit of a more open midrange.

    As for the differences between the Verus Grand Towers and Verus Grand Bookshelves, I think the overall sonic character of the two are basically the same, but you just get more of it with the Verus Grand Towers. Specifically, a fuller sound through the mids, more bass, a broader soundstage and more room filling capability.

    So I would say if you after you’ve had the VGBs for a couple of weeks and you are pleased with the overall sound quality but feel that they just aren’t producing enough sound for your space or liking then moving to the VGTs should be well worth it. If they just aren’t doing it for you at all, then I would doubt that the VGTs will be much of a remedy.

    I hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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