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    Just received my 6T's yesterday and want to share my first impressions.  First let me say what I am using.  I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-01 connected to a Emotiva UPA-7 amp, my source for music is an Appletv with 160 GB drive.  And previously I was using PSB Image 4T's as speakers.  I'm not an expert with describing sound so please bear with me.  Wow, where to begin.  Overall music is tremendous so far, there is more detail more fullness in the sound.  When the snare drum hits it sounds more like a live drum. These speakers blend in better with my sub, which when played with the PSB's seemed to be overpowered by the sub at times for music.  I have read that this speaker was described as being laid back.  I do not agree!  The highs are pretty high, this may be my only gripe as sometimes I feel they come across a bit bright.  Disclaimer here is that I am still playing around with the receiver.  I also think some of that may be the recording.  Which brings up an observation on these speakers is that they are very unforegiving on bad recordings.  Man when I play a badly recorded song I know it.  The mid's on these speakers take some getting used to.  This is not bad.  Because most of the stuff I demo'd the mid's are right in your face, agressive.  See I told you I didn't know correct terms.  The 6T's mid's are to me very nuetral, not in your face.  And to me that takes getting used to, but I like it much better!  So far all I have done is listen to music and the Eagles Live in Australia DVD.  So far overall these speakers are great!  Also I like to say is that customer service is great, there was a small problem with shipping and they handled it quickly.  They also put with me calling them and asking question all the time.  Thanks guys!



    Wait until they're broken in! :-)



    uhcoogsfan- I use my 6Ts 70/30 HT/Music.  I usually run them as Large when listening to 2 channel music.  It sounds as if the artist is in the room.  I have a Emo XPA3 running my 6Ts in front and a 3808 running the 4 surrounds.  The 6Ts IMO sound very neutral…if source matarial sounds bad so will your speakers.  joetag hit the nail on the head.  Give them a few weeks and wow.  Happy Listening :) Browning



    Thanks for the kind words, and glad you're enjoying the speakers! And no worries–we're always here to help with any questions you may have. [:D]

    Thanks for choosing Aperion Audio, and happy listening.

    Best Regards,

    - Oliver



    How did the sound change, or how did sounded get better?  Man it is hard to imagine them getting better!  Thanks for the replies!

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