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    Hello my first post,

      My TV is in the way for the center speaker to be in line with the left and right front speakers.

     Would it be better that all 3 speakers be about 1 foot and a half below ideal hearing height or have the left and right front speakers be at the right height and have the center speaker under the TV and lower then the other speakers?

     Thank you for your time,




    IMO I would go with keeping the fronts at the correct height and the center under the TV.  You may want to adjust the center so that it points up slightly to ear level but even that may not be necessary.  Look at some of the pics in the gallery and you will see several setups like this.


    Good luck!



    I had the opposite problem; my center is above the tv. I took some of the styrofoam packing material from the speakers and put it behind the 5C so it's angled down a bit to the listening area. Problem solved. You can do the same thing but maybe with something black since you'd see it in the front.



    Hi Jason, thanks for your questions. Both Tom and Joe's suggestions are spot on; we try to make our center speakers have a broad vertical listening window since most folks will indeed have to place the center above or below, so no worries–front and left at the correct height and center above or below is perfect.

    Happy Listening!

    - Oliver

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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