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    I have Verus Forte fronts verus forte center and the verus dipole/bipole for surrounds. I moved and am looking at getting the aperion wireless speakers to go in the rear to make it easier to have rear channels without wires going all over the living room. I was thinking of using the surrounds as side channels in a 7.1 system. If I do this (1) will it work and (2) should I have the surround channels as dipole or bipole for this usage? I know that optimally the surrounds should be in the rear, but it just seems like a pain to have wires going all the way around my living room.
    Thanks, Jay


    Jason Hicks

    Hello Jay,

    Actually the Verus Surrounds, as with any dipole style speaker, are ideally placed directly to your sides so your plan of using them as side surrounds in conjunction with wireless rear surrounds is a good one.

    Usually if the Verus Surrounds are directly to your sides you want to go with the dipole mode, but you might just try experimenting with both settings to see which you prefer.

    As for whether you can use the Zona Wireless Speakers as your rear surrounds, it will depend on whether you have a receiver that has surround pre-outs which you will need to connect the transmitter. If you do have surround pre-outs, the Zonas are a great solution for surround speakers when you can’t or don’t want to run wires.

    I hope that helps but please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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