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    Hi All,

    My 6t's came in yesterday and I got them hooked up to my Outlaw 7700/990 combo and all is good so far. When I first hooked up they seemed really brite, but they seem to be toning down a bit.  The mids are extremly clear and very detailed.  They are replacing my 12 year old(blown) NHT 2.5i, which had a side firing *' woofer and a sealed 6.5" mid with an aluminum dome tweeter.  My old NHT's where more laid back than Aperians, but not as detailed nor as loud. I even had my old 6 ohm NHT bi amped and the Aperians play louder. My center is a NHT AC-1 and it seems to blend well, despite the NHT center having an aluminum dome tweeters. I am not sure if I will upgrade the center since the NHT center is a very nice piece and sounds great, but I havn't compared it to the 6C, so perhaps a future audition is in order. I ended up setting my speakers to small, crossed over at 40 hz, and I have my SVS PB12 Plus 2 sub handle anything lower.  It seems to be working very well.  I am happy with the fit and finish as well.  I wish they where a tad darker so they matched our entertainment center better, but thats my preference.  I will snap a few shots later and put them in the gallary.  So far, I am extremely happy!!





    I believe I have heard around here that they darken a little over time.





    Congrats on the purchase….you will fing yourself listening to 2 channel music more than you did before.  I set the 6Ts to large when listening to music 90% of the time.


    Jason Hicks

    Cool, thanks for posting and glad to hear you are enjoying them so far.  You might want to play around with placement a bit if they continue to sound a bit bright.

    Just let us know if there is anything else we can help out with!





    I backed off the speaker calibration setting on the mains and it seemed to help a bit.  The mids and trebble where just a bit too forward with my previous speaker settings, so backing them off a few db seemed to help.  I also have set them to large and I have  made some changes to the settings on my sub and everything seems to be blending better.  I am still going to play around a bit more.   

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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