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    Hi I have the following setup:

    a) Receive Onkyo SR 608

    b) Intimus 4T tower for F+R

    c) Intimus 5C center for Center

    d) Intimus 4B book shelfs for surround left and right

    e) Bravo 8D subwoofer 

     I am not able to map the settings that Aperion mentions in its PDF guide with the Onkyo menu options, especially cross overs (Aperion wants me to set a range, but Onkyo only gives fixed values)


    Can someone please guide me based on their experience of the exact settings I need to set ? I am quite a non-technical person, so simple language would be wonderful :-)

     Some room details if it helps:

    a) The total media room is 23 ft wide, and 8 feet ceiling, no windows

    The front center and left speakers are pbly around 17 feet from where I sit

    The surr left+right are around 4 feet behind me (I can't change that now) and 5 feet above the ground





    Hi, my apologies for the confusion–the range is for the range of crossover values your speakers will work with, but in all cases a fixed value is what you would want. For your system, you can set all the speakers at 80Hz and you will get great sound from the system. Also, set speakers impedance to 6 ohms, and "normal," for speaker type. LPF of LFE should also be 80Hz. But, I think that's everything! Lemme know if you have any other settings you need help with.

    Happy listening,



    Thank you!

    Odd, I had email subscription on but never got an email about your response – so I also called in a while ago and someone @ aperion patiently walked me through the settings

    I don't see an option to set impedance in Onkyo 608. Did I miss anything?

     best regds


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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