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     I am the happy owner of  a set of aperion, but ever since I use them I had the following issues:

    1. The subwoofer not always has sound, sometimes it goes away with no reason, any idea why?

    2. The surround speakers (back) happens the same. I assume that not all movies use them in their recording therefore not always they will sound, am I right?

     The Set includes

    3 of Intimus 532LR Bookshelf Speaker

    1 Of Intimus S8, 8" Powered Subwoofer

    2 of Intimus 422-LR Satellite Speaker

    1 Onkyo Receiver 805


    I really appreciate any help. 





     Yes there are a couple of things we can do to find out if the issue is just a receiver setting.  For the subwoofer I would connect a source directly to it

    and play some bass filled music.  This will give it a continuous signal and if it stays on for the entire track and onto the next without cutting out then

    we need to increase the subwoofer level output in the menu of the Onkyo.  Now if this is happening with the side surrounds as well then I would have to

    assume that there just isn't enough material in the movie to make them do the job.  However you can also adjust the level of these speakers as well.

    Go into the menu for the surrounds and increase the level.  This may take some trial and error to find the right level to your liking. 

    And finally you could run the movie in multi channel music to get the full sound out of all your speakers.





    Mat thanks for your answer!

     Last night I tried exactly that, although I got to hear the surround speakers somehow my subwoofer sotpped working at all!

    Even though the green light is powered on, not a single level of sound came out from it.

    I double checked that it was connected properly in the subwoofer jack and I even turn the volume level and crossover level to the the highest but it does not sound.

     I went into my onkyo menu and increased the level and nothing, I tried decreasing the level but it did not.

     Please your advise, what is going on with it? Could it be broken? If this is the case why has that happend and hy is the green light on?





    There is a test that we can do that will tell us what is going on with your subwoofer.  The green light is only going to tell us that the electronics in the sub are active.

    I would connect a CD or DVD player directly to the sub, using both left and right analog RCA inputs.  We don't want to include the receiver in this operation, just the sub and the source player.  Put a CD in and play it. 

    If the sub is going to work, this is where it will happen.  If the sub still does not play then we have a problem, and will more than likely need to replace the amplifier.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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