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    Hello all -

    Recently upgraded from  4x4T's + 1x5C + 8D to  2x6T's + 1x6C + 12D powered by Denon 4308CI (over spent under utilized component of my HT).

    Almost tried everything to correct my 12D experience but not convinced. 6T's and 6C are just awesome. Folks at Aperion helped me a lot (esp. Oliver) to educate me in setting up the parameters, placement etc. I previously had rumbling/buzz from 12D but that had been taken care of.

    My living room is 18' (L) x 14' (B) x 10' (H) and I had tried three practical placements for 12D and found one that sounds good (near the wall) relative to others but my neighbor doesnt like it (I share the wall with him)!!

    My expectation from 12D is to give just punchy bass and not boomy (12D is boomy with movies). I cannot go below 80Hz for sub on my receiver and cannot go below 40Hz on all channels (dont know why Denon chose this way)

    I did SPL@80 and these are the channel levels:

    L (-4.5), C(-8.0), R(-4.0), Sub(+8.0) and volume level on sub +6 for the listening co-ordinates L(11'8"), C(11'1"), R(11'6"), Sub(12');

    Sub is in BYPASS in all modes and all others are at factory defaults

    I am judging 12D with my listening experience on Dark Knight (bank robbery scene), Iron Man BD-HD (missile demonstration) audio. 

    Can Denon guys suggest me ways to improve my 12D experience?  I am satisfied with audio but not with movies.




    Sony Bravia 46XBR9, Denon 4308 CI, Aperion Intimus 2x6T's+1x6C+12D, PS3 (60 GB), Xbox 360 (Halo 3), Wii, Logitech Harmony One 



    Did you use Audyssey calibration at all?  Also does it have the feature pack upgrade?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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