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    Here are pictures of the new home theater setup I wanted to pass along.

    The room still has to double as my boy's playroom.  And since my boys are four, two, and arriving in March, that put a premium on saving floor space, eliminating wires, and avoiding things that can be scratched.

    All that to explain why I went with (2) 6-IW in-wall speakers for the frount mains and (4) 6-IC speakers for front heights and surrounds.  The 4C center channel is mounted above the TV for one less thing the kids can get into.  The subwoofer is an 8D.    (I had a cover for the subwoofer made that is sitting off to the side of the pictures for when the room is in "play" mode.)

    The TV is a 46" Panasonic G10 and there is a Sumsung BD-3600 and Onkyo 707 in the closet next door.


     Above is the view from the main movie watching spot.  The switch thing next to the light switch is an IR repeater.


     Here is a view from the side that shows the front height channels.

    This would be the other side of the room.  Partly to show where I located the surround speakers and partly to show off the leather beanbag chair from a trip I took to Brazil a couple of years ago.

    Thanks again to Aperion for the great speakers and all the help along the way!  It all sounds amazing and looks pretty cool too.




    Thanks for sharing!  I bet it sounds good.

    The bean bag chair looks really comfy, but I have to confess… my first thoughts were of Jabba the Hut when I saw it! [:D]



    LOL @ Jabba.  Truth.


    Wish I would have had something that sounded as good when I was a kid.  Totally understand the space-saving, no-kid-messing-with factor.  Well done. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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