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    I think I have finally made some decisions about my entire setup but I am going to be buying in pieces.  For the room that I am placing in 5Ts should be more than sufficient however I think upgrading my system will renew my interest in listening to music as well so I am going for the overkill with the 6Ts and a 5C. 


    I am lucky enough to work in Tualatin about 2 miles from the showroom, so I was wondering since I am not in an extreme hurry I might wait for a bit of A stock or openbox returns to fill in my system.  As I won't have to deal with shipping and can audition at any point, I was wondering how up to date that page was kept.  I have seen Jason post several items on here and AVS so that is why I was wondering.





    The page is accurate, meaning that what they post is something they definitely have available…and when someone buys it and they're out, it disappears.


    However, it doesn't always show A or B stock that they may have on hand, so it's always best to call them to check stock.  If you're looking for something in particular, I believe Jason will keep track of that and call you when he comes across it.  But, I don't want to speak for him…that's just what I've gathered from stalking this place over the past 6 months.  :-)


    Jason Hicks

    Hello and welcome to the forum!  

    If you live close by I'd recommend stopping by here, there's lots of open box stuff that is slightly damaged, or more than slightly, that I don't list on the site because I prefer to sell it to folks that can check it out in person. 

    Stuff with really minor scratches I'll sell over the phone, but I don't list that on the site either because I want to be able to describe the scratches so people can make an informed decision. 

    Hope to see yo soon, thanks!  



    Got a 6C form Jason over the phone. He said it had minor scratches or a scratch on the back (which who cares, its on the back!). But I was still a little hesitant not seeing it for myself an all.

    I think he screwed up and gave me a new one hehehe. Really though cant see any damage on this beauty of a center channel. I hope to get a 12D the same way when the time is right.[;)]



    Thanks Jason, that's exactly what I was figuring and why I asked.  I live in Wilsonville but work RIGHT around the corner from you guys right past the Tualatin Country Club and the Kershaw Knife factory.. So literally about 2 miles tops.  I will probably stop in again next week, I am going to need a new AVR too so might talk about the Onkyos as well.





    … I sure wish I lived nearby [:(]

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