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    I have my PS3, and direct tv going to my receiver, I don't use the sound on the tv rather my Aperion speakers. The wii has 5 composite cables to hook up and on the back of the 607 the game part only has 3, also would I need to run a wire from the out to the tv? Any ideas on hooking up my Wii to my 607? I am wanting to avoid all the wires going to my tv and rather run everything though my receiver. I wish Wii would make a cable that had a HDMI connector on the end.



    Plug video into video and audio into audio.  Then assign the inputs based on where you plugged them in.  Then switch the receiver to that input.


    You don't need to plug it into the TV.



    Here's what i did:

     1.Purchased a generic component cable for WII.

    2.  Plug the Red/Green/Blue cables to back of AVR Component in video section

    3.  Plug the RCA (Red/White) cable to an audio in input on the AVR

    4.  Run a seperate Componet Video Cable from AVR component output  to TV component input.

     I've notice a much better picture using component cable with WII vs the standard 1 plug video cable.

    It does suck that there is no HDMI or digital audio out on WII but you will find the component plus RCA's make a nice improvement.





    ok I just realized I am an idiot. I plugged in the RCA cables the other day but guess I had the receiver sit to something else. I rather use the 5 cable composite hookup so I might try that later, I just didn't know which one to use cause the audio outlets did not say the same thing as the rca ones did. The lighting and my eyesite is not too good for trying to read those small letters.

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