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    I was able to pick up a pair of lightly used 632 LR's in piano black, and I am so excited. Check is going out today and I just have to wait to receive them. I will either be replacing a pair of Paradigm Studio 40's with them or I may just keep the 40's and use the 632's as rears. I just hope they sound as great as everyone says.[:P]



    I just wanted to update on my purchase. I absolutely love the 632's and think I am in audio heaven!! These things are so clear and still have solid, tight bass extension. I think I have found my speakers for life. At least for quite some time. And at 62 years old, who knows, it may be for life.;) Now I'm on the lookout for a used 634 VAC. Lacking that I may end up with a 5C or 6C. By the way, what do people use to clean the piano black? or more importantly, what should I avoid using? I am so thrilled to be a member of the Aperion family.:)



    Welcome to the family, cassnlogan.  Glad the 632s have given you audio nirvana.  I have the 6Ts and 6C in piano black and here's how I keep them clean: First, I lightly use a Swiffer duster to remove any dust.  Then I spray the towel that came with my speaks (I believe it's a plain cotton rag) with Pledge furniture polish and lightly rub the towel on the speakers.  I know some use Old English furniture oil instead of Pledge- I went that route in the beginning but found I had to rub harder than I wanted to in order to not have oily streaks or swirls remain.  I think the most important thing you want to avoid is using anything abrasive or rubbing too hard.  I believe very faint swirls or scratches are inevitable with a gloss black surface, but the key is to try to minimize them.  Good luck.




    Rules of thumb (for show automobiles) – which should apply to the Aperions since they are clear coated.

     -Never rub the speakers with a dry cloth. When the speakers are covered in dust and are wiped – thats when swirls/light scratches occur.  

    - Use quality microfibre clothes with a bit of "plush" to them. So that particles go "inside" the groves. Flat clothes "shovel" the dirt rather than pick it up.

     -Becareful with the white cloth that comes with the speakers. They have exposed stitching which is dangerous.

    -I'd mist the cabinet with a spray bottle, then wipe with a microfiber towel that is slightly wet on one side. I do not advise with pledge or similar product since they contain oil. To completely remove the oil, you must rub/buff. The more you rub, the more there is a chance for swirls. 

     I detailed cars for automobile shows for years..  My advice goes against what Aperion Audio recommends but I just wanted to share. 

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