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    My present system includes some great (!) but old AR-9 speakers, with AR-93s on the side and AR-28s in the rear. The 9s are HUGE! Over 120# each and the 93s are almost as large. Frankly, the sound is everything I want, even thought the ARs date back to the early 80s (when they cost me the proverbial arm and leg.) Still, I love the sound but I do want to downsize to smaller, more manageable speakers.

    Given my listening room size, 22" long, 15' wide, 10" high (pretty big, I think,) I wonder if I can get bookshelf speakers (on stands) to give me the CLEAN volume I want, to get the Berlin Philharmonic,  the Gerry Mulligan Quartet or Waylon Jennings right into the room?

    Question? Can I get away from floor standing speakers and get what I want? If not – please make some recommendations?


    (You can see my profile for my full system)



    Hi arkedan,  your listening area sounds unique.  You must not be very tall, but boy you sure are wide.  6Bs should do the trick for you.


    Man, what an idiot! I've got to start watching what I type. 

    Change the inches to feet (and the beer to wine) and it'll look more reasonable.






    I'm with Browninggold on this one.  Even with that size of room, 6B's would rock out.  Gotta make sure you've got plenty of power to drive them, though.


    I have a similar size room, but with a 5-series bookshelf setup, and it fills it quite nicely.  I'm sure I'll upgrade to the 6-series before too long.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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