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    I'm building a house and the living room is spacious but unfortunately doesn't have much walls.  Lost of windows and it opens up to the kitchen on the right side.  I'm wondering about using in-ceiling speakers for both the front and surround speakers, and placing the center speaker over the fireplace.

     I'm planning on putting the center speaker and the TV over the fireplace (top center, in the photo).  The green marks are where my walls are.

     Any thoughts?



    First of all let me introduce myself.  My name is Matt and I'm a new Guru at Aperion.  I've worked in the industry for 8 years now.

    In-ceiling speakers although not ideal, work amazingly well for wall challenged rooms.  You will definitely want the type that have an inclined woofer to direct the sound more accurately to the listening position.  The Aperion in-ceiling speakers have this feature.  They are also designed for an infinite baffle because the cavity they are placed in is usually open.  A couple of tricks would be to build an enclosure behind them with a few cubic feet of airspace and add polyfil to reduce the echo inside.  If insulation is already installed then you will want to use a breathable material like cheese cloth or nylon stockings to keep foreign particles like the insulation out of the motor of the speaker. 

    Just having a good center channel will make this all a little more bearable if you are having doubts about this type of setup.  I would also put the TV and center speaker over the fireplace as long as the speaker is able to be directed at the listening position.

    I hope this was helpful.




    Thank you for your reply, Matt.

    I went to the house, and the first floor has been framed.  I believe that I can get wall mounted speakers for the fronts.  (Thank god.  I really wasn't interested in having the front speakers being ceiling-mounted))  The rear will certainly have to be in-ceiling.

    The sound guy I consulted asked if your speakers have "back boxes".  I guess this is the enclosure you were mentioning.  I'll pass along your thoughts on it.


    Thanks again.  I'm sure I'll be calling your sales people in a month or so.  :-)



    Right we don't sell back boxes, but you can build something cheap with a few cubic feet and be good.  Also adding polyfil like what you would find in a

    pillow will help deaden any echo's or hollowness.   You should add it generously, but don't have to fill the box completely.  This will also help to trick the

    speaker into thinking the space is larger than what is really there.

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