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    I’m trying to decide which of your speaker lines would fit my living room setup the best. The living room is roughly 14×20, but is open to the kitchen which makes the total space about 14×34 if you include both Living Room & Kitchen. Ceilings are 9 ft. My AVR is a Denon AVR-2113CI. From what I’ve read in your forum it looks like for the Forte you want to have a receiver over 100 Watts per channel to power the Forte line. I am concerned with my 2113CI that it may not have the horsepower since its only 95 Watts per channel at 8 ohms. I currently have a set of small Canton bookshelves 5.1 from 2003 that I would like to upgrade to give better separation with my new Outlaw LFM-1 Plus Subwoofer. So would I be better of with the Intimus 5Ts, 5C, and 5Bs? Or would a 5.1 Forte Setup work well with my Denon 2113CI? I just bought the AVR and am not looking to upgrade it anytime soon. Listening preferences is about 50/50 Music/Movies. We really like the look of Forte line due to the smaller foot print of the Front Speakers. Thanks.



    For what it’s worth, I’m driving a pair of Verus Grand Bookshelfs and a Forte center with an Outlaw 7075 amp (75 watts per channel) in a 12×18 room and I still have some headroom. Oh, and they sound great.

    The difference between 95 watts and 100 watts is pretty minimal. In order to double the perceived loudness you need 10x the power.

    Your Denon would need to drive a low impedance load though as the Verus line impedance does drop below the advertised 6-ohm load according to a couple reviews I’ve read.

    I’d like to be able to tell you about the towers but daughter (eldest) is getting married this year so no toys for dad :)


    Thanks Ken. I am almost kicking myself for not reading more forums before I purchased my Denon AVR2113. When you haven’t bought any Home Audio compnents in awhlie you lose track of what is required. It looks like a lot of folks are getting last year’s Denon AVR3312 for a little more than I paid for my new 2113 or a Marantz SR5007. Either of those would have given me the flexibility to add a power amp to the outs to better drive the towers & center. Is it possible for the 2113 AVR to drive a sub 6ohm load or is it not possible giving its specs? Does it just put more stress on the AVR such as overheating, etc? I assume it would be easier for the 2113 to drive the Intimus 5ts. vs the Forte towers? I suppose I can audition them the Forte towers and see how they perform and if there are issues I can always send them back and try the Intimus 5Ts. My Outlaw LFM-1 Sub sounds so good. I can’t wait to be able to upgrade the rest of the speakers to really hear the separation/definition. The tiny Canton satellite speakers really don’t cut it when you got the Outlaw driving so low.

    I hear you on the toys. Weddings are expensive. Thanks.



    The specs on the Denon indicate that they’ll drive a low impedance load. However I’ve seen data on some Denon receviers like this one

    Denon Review

    that indicate that they don’t drive the rated power with all channels driven. This is pretty typical for multi-channel receivers and one of the reasons that I went with separates from Outlaw. The flip side of the coin is that for normal movie viewing you don’t typically drive all channels at full load simultaneously.

    SO, overall I think you’ll be fine with the Denon. Personally I’d stick with the Fortes. The acid test, as always, is how it sounds to you though.


    Jason Hicks

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for jumping in Ken and I agree I think you’ll be fine with the Denon 2113 and the Fortes. A big factor is how close you sit since the SPL drops off the further you get from the speakers though, so I would say if you aren’t further than 10-11 feet from the fronts then you should be good.

    However if you really are concerned about not having enough power the 5Ts are a little easier to drive because the average impedance is just a little higher than the Fortes.

    But for someone like yourself that is doing 50% music I think you will want to go for the Fortes to get the improved sound quality.

    I hope that helps but please let me know if you have any other questions!

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