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    This market is so flooded with options my head is spinning. I've looked at B&W, Energy, Axiom, Paradigm, and others. Aperion also comes up often as a great speaker at a great price.

    I've been struck by the "Wife Factor" so my choice in speakers has been limited to "In-Wall Only". I have a fairly large room at 27' deep x 16' wide, with 13' vaulted ceilings.  The only previously owned speaker I'm allowed to keep is the 10" sub. We will be utilizing the system for everything from listining to music (primarily for entertaining), movies, gaming, you know all the normal stuff.

    So with that said will the 6-lcr and my L/R and the 6-IW as my center, surround, and rear be enough?  Should I consider adding wides and will those help at all with music?  My concern is I'm comming from a pair of Energy RC-10 bookshelf speakers that I absolutly love. I understand that in-wall speakers cant compete with good floor or bookshelf speakers, at my price point, but I do want to get the best possible solution so not only is my wife happy but so am I!

    Thanks for you input.



    I'm no Guru, but like you said, the in-walls probably won't be in the same league as your tried and true bookshelf speakers.  But, they should capably serve your purpose of striking a balance between WAF and quality sound.  You have a good sized room, so I suggest swapping out the 6-IW with a 6-LCR for your center (unless you don't want to deal with cutting a stud, or your tv is fairly close to your couch).

    I suggest selling this to your wife as you're willing to compromise on the in-wall speakers as long as she is willing to let you replace your sub.  Then throw out the 10-incher and get yourself something killer (for what it's worth, my wife is an interior designer, and she allowed me to squeeze dual SVS PC13-Ultras behind my 6Ts).  Seriously, you have a good-sized room and could likely benefit from a larger sub (or two).

    I use a pair of Aperion in-ceiling speakers as my side surrounds and they are fine speakers.  Assuming I eventually get a pre-pro that has Pro Logic IIz, I will likely add a pair of 6-IWs for the height channels.  I haven't heard wides or heights yet, but from what I've read, it sounds like they benefit movies more than music (personally, I'm a 2-channel stereo guy when it comes to music).  At any rate, I know you'd be happier with in-walls all the way around than nothing at all.  So pull your head above the water and let Aperion show you the way.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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