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    Here is the link



    Aperion Speakers:

    Fronts: 6T    Center: 6C    Surrounds: 5B    Front Heights: 5B    Subwoofer: Bravus 12D

    (I also have two AP520 patio speakers connected to zone 3 of my Onkyo AVR)

    TV: Toshiba 55SV670U   Blu-Ray player: BDP-80    AVR: Onkyo TX-NR5007  Sat Rec: Dish 722k

    IPOD Dock: Onkyo UPA1   Universal Remote: Logitech Harmony One

    TV stand: BDI NOVIA 8429   16 inch height speaker stands: Wood Technology FGC-16

    Light behind TV: Ideal-Lume Standard (mounted on back of TV)



    Yikes, the cat!  Just kidding, looks great and it sounds how?





    Hi Russ,

    It sounds great!  I listened to Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid on Blu-Ray last night and the Aperion speakers sounded great!  I used the  SPL meter to calibrate the speakers and break them in.  I then decided to try Audyssey MultEQ XT since if I decide I don't like the Audyssey equalization I can always change the Onkyo setting to no equalization and use the SPL meter for calibration.  I like the Audyssey equalization right now, but with more testing I may change my mind.  I really have been enjoying Internet radio using the free Pandora program.  It gives me a chance to hear new groups Jason Hicks reviews that I never heard of like the Flaming Lips.

    It's funny you noticed our Burmese cat that is about one year old.  My wife is a real cat person.  The cat likes to jump on top of my speakers so I had to drill a hole in the bottom of the 16 inch speaker stands for the front height speakers so I could use the threaded insert on the bottom of the 5B speakers.  I also had to fasten the bottom of the speaker stands to my oak bookshelves.  The 6T speakers are stable enough for the cat.  The cat also likes to sleep on top of my Onkyo AVR since it is warm.

    I really enjoy having front height speakers.  My family room is not suited for rear surrounds and I mounted the regular surrounds on the back wall.  The room is suited for front height speakers since the ceiling is vaulted and we had bookshelves so I didn't have to mount the speakers on the front wall.

    Regards, Loren (ORF)


    Very Nice!  I have been shopping a stand like that.  They look great!  And I've been trying to find a light for behind my tv.  I've long recognized how much I enjoy ambient light behind the tv, but I have had a hard time finding a good solution at Home Depot or Lowe's.  So I'm very excited about the Ideal-Lume Standard tip.

    Question #1: How many Ideal-Lume Standard units do you have on the back of the tv?  And if there is more than one, where have you placed them?  From your picture, it seems that the ambient light is diffused very nicely.

     Question#2: How does it all sound?


    Thanks for sharing!



    Hello gpzbc,

    Check out their website: cinemaquestinc.com

    I just have one Ideal-Lume Standard and the bulb is mounted horizontally on the back of the TV using plastic ties that came with it.  An extra fluorescent bulb, along with other mounting options, is also included in the $59.95 price.

    Their customer service rivals that of Aperion Audio.  I asked their opinion about my idea of mounting three of their bulbs on a shelf below the top of my TV stand and they promptly replied that I should try just one mounted on the back of my TV instead.

    I have to reach around the back of my TV to turn the light on and off so I'm looking for an extension cord with a switch on it to make it more convenient to turn on and off.

    I used racksandstands.com to order my cherry 16 inch speaker stands.  Wood Technology also makes oak stands that are a little cheaper.

    I'm very pleased with the sound of my Aperion speakers!

    Regards, Loren (ORF)




    Hello again gpzbc,

    I realized after I sent you my first reply that you were probably referring to my BDI NOVIA 8429 TV stand instead of my 16 inch speaker stands.

    The only problem I have with the NOVIA 8429 is that even when the middle drawer is removed to allow for higher center speakers, the 6T center speaker only has room to be tilted up about one eighth of an inch.  When I bought the NOVIA, I didn't know what speakers I was going to buy.  I've seen other similar TV stands advertised that have more room for the height of center speakers.  Regards, Loren (ORF) 


    Thank you for the tips.  I will definitely be looking into the Ideal-Lume, but I will probably have to put the tv stand on my wish list.  But I appreciate your input.

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