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    What wall mounts are you using?



    Uh…this thread has been dead for two years.  I doubt they're active on the forums anymore.




    Home Theater Components 

    • Samsung un46b8500 Led TV
    • Aperion Speakers 4 series
    • Sanus 31T Speaker Stands
    • Polk PSW 111 Subwoofer
    • Sony STR DN 1000 7.1 Receiver
    • Sony PS3 Slim
    • Wireless Keyboard 
    • Mackbook for Media 
    • WD Passport Drive for Backup
    • 1000 GB Motorola Surf Board/ Linksys Wireless Router
    • All HDMI setup 

    Jason Hicks

    Nice Rajiv, I voted for awesome!  [8-|]

    Although I would move the 4Ts out of the corners just a tad so you have about a foot to the side and behind them, they should sound a little clearer once you do that.  

    I hope you are enjoying the system! 


    Very nice!  Thanks for sharing.



    Nice setup.  I agree with Jason pull the Towers out a bit.  Enjoy your HT/Music.  I just watched a blu ray tonight with the family.  We watch around 4-7 blu-rays a week, the Aperions have not disappointed yet.



    Great components!  I would recommend cleaning up the wires around your components.  This would make your setup very crisp.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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