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    Here's my simple review that I did on AVSForum about the 6T's & 6C.

    Well, I'm at the end of my 30 day trial period on the 6T's & 6C that I had ordered and wanted to give my take on the speakers and company. First the company. I'll guarantee that you will not find a better company to deal with! These guys both Jason and Oliver are great! They are very patient and willing to help. I think I called them 10-15 times during this trial period and they never rushed me or tried to get me off the line quickly. They were honest in their advice. And I know a lot of my questions were really stupid! There was some small damage to one of the speakers in transit to me and they took care of it quickly and I do mean quickly! So thanks guys, you will have a loyal customer here.

    Now on to the 6T's. At first I couldn't understand why some of you were going on about how great these 6T's are for two channel music listening. (This is where a lot of questions were asked). I wasn't getting much bass, the detail and clarity were was phenominal. I learned that I didn't have the eq set right. I had run the Pioneer's MAAC calibration with these speakers. (I hate this these calibrations systems because to me they don't get music right, but it really is probably me). So once I got these eq'd properly, my impression was wow! Music sounds great, I get excellent detail, clarity and bass without the sub. Last night it really hit me when I listened to Joe Walsh's "But Seriously Folks" cd for the first time with these speakers. This cd has never sounded so good and now I'm in audio bliss.

    I initially thought that I wanted the B&W 683 speakers but thought I would try the Aperions, no risk right! I'm glad I did! I also like the Paradigm Studio 60's and the Emotiva 8.3 a lot but for the price difference and for my budget and for performance I can't justify spending the extra cash. For me, I liked the Aperion's sound better. In all fairness to those speakers I didn't listen to them at home, the Emotiva's in someone elses home and the Paradigm's in the showroom.

    So I guess you know by now that I decided to keep these bad boys and that I am grinning ear to ear. This also caused to me to upgrade my center. I tried both the 5C & the 6C. I had asked Jason about this and based on what he told me the 5C was sufficient. He was right (this is where the honesty came in). I had the 5C and at the moment it fit the bill, but I started thinking about the future and sent the 5C back and got the 6C to future proof.

    Just to let you know I also use a Pioneer VSX-01, Emotiva UPA-7, PS3, directv hd and appletv for music.

    So thanks Aperion, Jason and Oliver, I highly recommend these guys and their product.



    Congrats and welcome to the family!

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