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    I have been looking at aperion and home theater ownership in general for several months now.  I recently had a birthday, and my wife bought me three 6-LCR speakers for front, left and right along with two 6-IW in walls for surrounds, and a bravus 8-D to finish off the system.  She didn't stop there.  Next I opened an Onkyo 607, and a Panasonic PT-4000, not to mention a Lowe's gift card so that I could start finishing a theater in the basement!  Amazing. I've made good progress and I hope to be posting some pics on here soon.  Happy to be a new member of the aperion club!


    Jason Hicks

    I think your wife should take my wife out to lunch and give her some pointers.  [8-|]

    Enjoy the system! 



    Can your wife teach 2 self-improvement classes for women?  "How to make your husband happy" and "Ultimate gift buying".  To make it easier, she can combine them into the same class room.  :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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