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    I keep flip-flopping on what I want — every time I got all my items into the cart and got ready to click "Submit" I have second thoughts about whether what I've chosen is going to do the job or not.. Huge thanks to Mark for all the help over e-mail, but I feel a bit bad for badgering him so much without ordering so I thought I'd try to get some "community" help here [:)]

    I live in a condo with neighbors on all sides, including above and below. It's a wood/metal framed building (not concrete), but it is insulated pretty well. The floor plan looks like this:



    In the living room we have the couch against the wall on the left side, and the TV against the wall on the right, beside the door to the patio. The other way around might make more sense, but this way we get a lake view while sitting on the couch.

    Our use is probably 80/20 movies/music, and we're way more concerned about quality than about volume. I basically got myself all set to buy the 4T Hybrid SD /w a 5C substituted for the 4C, but I'm now worrying about whether the Bravus 8D is too much sub for a condo. I really don't want to drive the neighbors nuts with bass, as well insulated as the building seems, but I would love to get some input from others. Should I perhaps consider beefier towers (6T) without a sub?



    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum.  Sounds like you have a killer system mapped out.  Since your primary use is movies, I suggest going with the 8D.  I assume your living room is carpeted, but some folks claim decent results by putting their subs on top of isolators like Gramma or Subdue to be more neighbor-friendly.  I saw your similar post on the AVS forum and see that you watch TV/listen to music pretty late at night.  Do you usually watch movies late at night too?  If not, you could always turn off the sub when you watch TV and do late-night music listening and just use it for movies.  Frequency-wise, the 6Ts are about equal to the 8D, so going that route would not be any better for your neighbors (and I assume the 4T would better match the proportions of your room than the gigantic 6Ts).  The fact that you are asking these questions shows you have a level of awareness for your neighbors that not everybody in this hobby has- so just be smart about your playback, and I'm sure you'll be fine.  My $.02.




    Thanks for the feedback.

    I took the plunge and ordered 2 4Ts, a 5C and an 8D. I figure if this works for me I'll add 4B surrounds, and if it doesn't I'll return them and order 2 5Ts and 2 5B surrounds :) Can't wait to get them.

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