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    Hi everyone!

    As you may have noticed, things have changed around here. There are a few things you need to know about!

    1: Your user accounts are still here, but we’ve had to generate new passwords for everyone. You’ll be receiving these via email in a day or two. If you can’t wait, you can manually reset your password by going to the account login page and clicking ‘forgot my password’. All accounts now use the email address as the login name.

    2: A few recent forum threads haven’t made it across yet, and we apologize. I’ll be adding them shortly, but if you have a pressing question in the meantime, just make a new thread and one of our Home Theater Gurus will be happy to help you out.

    3: We’ll be adding new features to the forum shortly, but a few things don’t currently work: Image uploads and custom avatars. We’ll have these worked out as soon as possible.

    I’ve outlined some of the other features of the new site over at the Aperion Blog:

    Please check it out!



    san p

    How do I find the open box items available ? I could not find a link for that anywhere.


    Steven Hogan

    Exactly. The open box item was my favorite section. Where did that link go?


    Steven Hogan

    Also, I can no longer see my orders under the order tab. They were there yesterday but gone today.



    Hey guys,

    1. Open box is coming back soon! I’ll be preparing and deploying the open box product before the end of the week.

    2. Unfortunately, order histories weren’t able to be ported to the new site. If you need to look up your orders, you can contact our Home Theater Gurus and they’ll help you out. Going forward, our order history section is much improved from the old site, and we hope you like it.


    Steven Hogan

    Sounds good to me. So glad open box is coming back!



    One other question: Does Aperion no longer offer sale of single bookshelf speakers?

    It seems all bookshelf speakers are now listed/priced per pair. This would be very unfortunate for those that want to have 3 identical bookshelf speakers as fronts (which I have hope of doing with 3 VGB), since not everyone wants to buy a horizontal center.



    Hi Frank,

    Yes, we still offer singles for sale, but you’ll have to call us at 888-880-8992 to place your order.



    Got ya. And will that still apply to open box items as well?

    Thanks alex.



    Hey guys –

    The open-box section is back up!

    And yes, all speakers are in pairs now.




    Hey….how bout putting a “Posts you have not read” link on the forum? That is how I would keep up. Haven’t missed a post since I purchased my speakers.


    The new site looks much better, and I can log-in. Couldn’t do that before.


    Shawn Hern

    How do you upload pictures? I was working on a new post in wordpress but it didn’t have anything for uploading…maybe I’m just blind and didn’t see it.




    I really like the new site – and I’m glad the open-box section is back, as well!

    One question I have – is there a way (or plans for a way) for us to download user manuals for current or past speaker models? I’m trying to find the specs on some older 522 bookshelves, and getting ahold of the manuals for them would be a great help.



    Jason Hicks

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry I haven’t been around since we launced the new site. Things have been crazy around here as we had a great August in terms of sales and making sure everything is working properly with the new site has been also keeping me busy.

    To answer your question Shawn, it looks like we need to enable a plug in so we can get the images working again on the forum. I’ll forward the request to our web admin so we can get that fixed ASAP.

    Whitney, I don’t think we have the manuals for the 522 online any longer as we have not made that speaker for over 6 years.

    However here are the specs for it:

    522-D, bookshelf:

    Speaker Type: Two way with 5.25″ woofer
    Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 20 kHz
    Sensitivity: 88 dB
    Enclosure Type: Ported 1″ HDF
    Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
    Recommended Power: 50-150 Watts
    Magnetic Shield Yes
    Detachable Grilles Yes
    Additional Features Gold-plated connectors
    Size: 7 1/3″ H x 11 1/2″ W x 8″ D
    Weight: 12.6 Pounds Each

    Just let me know if I can help out with anything else, thanks!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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