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    Hi folks!

     I just pulled the trigger on the following:

    2 5T's

    1 4c — This is due to the size constraints for my entertainment system, but welcome thoughts

    2 5b's

    Bravus II 8D — Open box, baby!

     I will be running these off of an Onkyo TX-SR605 (already own it and will upgrade in a year or so–the new speakers are replacing the Onkyo HTIB speakers that came with the receiver)

     My room is 20' feet wide and 13.5', but the HT area of the room is 11' wide by 13.5' deep.  My speakers will sit on either side of my 50'' plasma, centered on the 11' section of the room.  If facing the television, there is a sizable opening to the dining room just to the left, which makes for an overall larger room.  I have hardwood floors throughout, a large area run directly in front of the television and a large leather sofa centered on the tv against the back wall with a leather love seat, which is set perpendicular to the sofa on the right if you are on the couch, facing the television.  The walls are plaster and the ceiling is 9'.  This room has more windows than walls, if that makes sense, with the exception being the wall that the couch sits against.  I've attached a small photo taken from the adjacent dining room to give some perspective.

     Any thoughts on the setup or how best to configure the receiver/speakers/sub?  Anyone have that specific Onkyo receiver that would like to offer their experience with Aperion speakers?  The front-line speakers will have near optimal placement, but he rears will basically sit on stands directly on either side of the couch.

     Lastly, I use my HT for 60% HDTV/Movies (Both HTPC-driven and blu-rays via PS3) / 20% Video Games / 20% music (ranging jazz/indie music, including hip hop, rock, blues, classical, electronic, and anything in between).

     All feedback is welcome.  I've spent the better part of my life over the last few days reading AVSForums and I'm not ready for direct thoughts from you all.


    Hi Trevyn,

    Hope you are enjoying your new gear.  I have an Onkyo SR706 and was watching Blurays through a PS3 until it fritzed out twice.  I got an Oppo BDP- 93 and was amazed at how much better the audio was.  Each channel was much more crisp and defined. IMO, your speakers will really show off their qualities if you feed them a better signal.

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