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    Hi, all–


    First time poster here.

    Last week I bought a new Aperion setup and finally hooked it up today. I have one big problem–my new 10D subwoofer is only outputting a loud hum, nothing else. This subwoofer is replacing two 10-inch subwoofers, each of which was in the bottom of my old Def-Tech speakers (I had split the subwoofer-out channel from my Denon AVR-5700 to power each). The old setup worked great and I just assumed plugging one of the sub-outs to the new 10D would work fine, barring some adjustments.

    Am I overlooking something simple?


    Jason Hicks

    Hello and welcome to the forum Ergo,

    Sorry to hear that, it sounds like you were probably running your fronts as large, so when you do that you need to enable an LFE+Main setting in order to get bass to the sub, which I believe in the Denons is in a menu just labeled as "subwoofer".

    The hum on the other hand is probably a separate issue, do you have the subwoofer's volume turned up all the way to +20?  If that's the case once you get it working you will be able to reduce the volume drastically and then you won't hear the hum any longer.

    Feel free to log into webchat or give us a call at 888-880-8992 which will likely make the troubleshooting process go a lot quicker, thanks! 


    I figured it out, finally. First, I had the LFE split into two cables, one for each subwoofer in the DefTech speakers. Once I eliminated the splitter, the hum vanished. Second, after removing the splitter, I plugged the LFE cable into the wrong port on the the receiver. Funny how things fail to work when you have them set up incorrectly. So, user error all the way!


    Jason Hicks

    Cool, glad to hear you worked it out!

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