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    My current setup only allows me to pull my Verus Grand Towers ~14 inches from the back wall and ~30 inches from the side wall. I cross the sub over at 80 hz. I saw from a prior post that this will cause the speakers to have a 2 to 3 db drop at around 80hz and continue to sloop off. Would it make sense to plug the bass ports? Would this improve the overall sound? I am worried about the sound waves from the ports reflecting off of the back wall. I do notice the bass is a little boomy if I bypass the room correction on my Denon.

    If I do plug the ports will it cause any ill effects or cause any damage to the speakers over a period of time? Can I really just use a rag or socks to plug them? Or would another material work better?




    Jason Hicks

    Hello Andrew,

    Sorry for the delay in my response, it's was a crazy end to the year with vacations and a lot of orders, which of course is good. 

    In any event, at 14 inches I don't think you need to plug the ports as that is about the same distance that my left Verus Forte Tower is from my back wall, although it doesn't have quite as much bass as the VGT.

    However if you want there is certainly no harm in trying it out and seeing which way sounds better to you.  

    Nope, there are no ill effects from plugging the ports and sure you can just use a soft cloth or sock to plug them.  

    I hope that helps! 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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