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    Shay Gordon

    I’ve had my Aperion Intimus 4T Summit since they were first introduced a couple of years back. It works perfectly with my Apple TV 2, cable and Panasonic Viera 58″ plasma TV but I’m still experiencing problems with my PS3. When I hook my PS3 directly to the TV via HDMI and tell the PS3 to reconfigure the audio, it works just fine but when I pass the PS3’s signal through the Summit wireless transmitter to the TV and reset PS3 audio settings I get syncing issues – sometimes the TV will show the PS3 picture perfectly but at other times I’ll get a distorted, unviewable image or no image or sound at all.Flipping between another HDMI input and the PS3 occasionally fixes the problem, as does unplugging and replugging the PS3’s HDMI cable into the transmitter or rebooting the PS3.

    I was told some time back that manually adjusting the audio/picture output from the PS3 should fix the problem, but whatever I’ve tried so far hasn’t. Has anyone had a similar experience and found a way to fix this problem? Thanks.

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