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    I am expectintg my Aperion speakers tomorrow and a tad OCD about the hook up with a PS3. The manual shows a DVD hook up and not sure why I could not use that however, not having used a PS3 before, I am not sure what it's menu or system set up is like. I plan to use the PS3 for CD's at the present time but in the future will also use it for DVD, BR and possibly game use. I may be premature but want to understand the system and prepare for any anxiety when the speakers are here. If I do hook up the PS3, will its' menu know the difference between CD's, DVD or games? Again, I may be stressing about issues that are not a big deal but a tad OCD and want to understand what I am doing before all the components are sitting in my home. This is my first post so a tad unsure of the A/V receiver as I have been away from components for twenty years….



    Sit back, relax, take big deep breaths, it'll all be fine :-)

    Nothing to worry about. Just plug the PS3 into your Onkyo. When you power on the PS3 and switch your AVR to DVD the menu's will simply be passed through the Onkyo to your TV and you'll still control the PS3 with the PS3 remote.  Everything, except sound, will work the same as it would if you plugged the PS3 directly into your TV; sound is different because that'll be controlled by the Onkyo.

    Enjoy your system!



    You want to be sure to use HDMI, so that all the glorious sound and video the PS3 is capable of passing will be passed on. Don't be alarmed that it will not light up your Dolby lights, or your 5.1 lights. The PS3 passes PCM (the PS3 does all the decoding).



    Thanks guys,

    That is what I thought would be the case however, just wanted to check it out before I got everything hooked up. You both have been a great help .I can breath a bit easier and just look forward to the sound. Am planning to use the HDMI on all  my equiptment.

    Again, Thanks.

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