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    So i just finalized on a Verus Grand Bookshelf HD system and am looking for specific receiver recommendations. I am fairly confident that I will stick with the above system but would like to have the leway that if I decide to upgrade to some towers that I’ll still be able to drive those sufficiently. I would like to get a good receiver at a great price (as I am always up for a bargain).

    Second question for recommendations for speaker placement my room is as follows.

    20′ by 12′, with the kitchen directly off of the main room. The TV will likely be kitty-corner with the couch about 8′-10′ away and a arm chair about the same distance away. I attempted to post a layout but couldn’t get the picture to paste in.

    Thanks for your advice in advance.


    Jason Hicks

    Hello there,

    We sell Marantz receivers so if you wanted to do something like SR6007 that you can view here I think that would be a great match for you system:


    Other options in that would be comparable that I recommend would be the Denon 3313 or the Onkyo 818.

    As for placement with a corner set up you are fairly limited but at 8-10 foot viewing distance you will want the front speakers spaced 6-7.5 feet apart from one another.

    The center you want to get as close to ear level as possible. Which of course it isn’t for most folks since your TV is also at eye level, so just go with above or below the screen depending on which gets it closest.

    The best place for the sub is usually only the same axis as your front speakers either inside or to the side, or you can place it one third of the total room length along one of the side walls. The important thing is to avoid placing the sub to close to your sitting position because it can overwhelm your other speakers.

    For the surrounds directly to your side or slightly behind you works great.

    If you want to put a flickr or other photo hosting link in a post I’ll be happy to look at it or feel free to e-mail us at customerservice@aperionaudio.com.

    I hope that helps but please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!



    Count up the number of inputs and outputs in your system and see if the Marantz SR5007 will meet your needs. You could save approx $350 compared to the SR6007.

    Marantz and Denon are solid choices. My personal experiences with Onkyo haven’t been that good.

    Both the Marantz and Denon have Pre-out jacks so if you need/want more power you can buy a separate amp and use the unit a a pre-processor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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