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    I'm very interested in the Aperion products and I am starting my first home theater.  I've got a 50" Pioneer Elite and Yamaha RX-V465.  I got great deals on both and now it is time to get some speakers.  I'm in a 1 bedroom apartment that has a 12.1' x 11.5' living room area.  I'm probably sitting too close for a 50" TV but hey…its a Pioneer Elite [:D]  I was thinking about getting two of the 4T towers, the 4C center, and the 8" sub.  I'm not too interested in getting surround speakers for a few reasons.  The couch I have takes up a lot of the wall so it would be kind of cramped, and I don't want to deal with running wires.  I've got a few questions to throw out here.  I mostly watch TV/movies and listen to music.  I will admit that I often have neighbors over so it would be nice to be able to crank it up for music.  Given the room size, how much would I be missing without the surround speakers?  How much of a difference is there between the 4C and 5C centers?  I assume the 4Ts would be more than enough for the room size.  What do you guys think?  Thanks in advance!

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