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    The first part of my speaker order came in a couple of weeks ago, the Fedex site said it was for delivery on a Saturday but they changed it and it arrived on Monday.


    The 2nd part of my order is showing for delivery tomorrow – another Saturday – I bet they change that too and with the Memorial Day weekend I bet it doesn't get here until Tuesday :-(


    Jason Hicks

    Sounds like Home Delivery, which delivers on Saturdays, may not be available in your area.  Sorry about that, but if you live in a rural area, sometimes FedEx doesn't have enough trucks to warrant a separate Home Delivery terminal.



    What he said.

    Home Delivery delivers Tuesday-Saturday.

    Ground delivers Monday-Friday.



    Wouldn't it be great if once a moth the CEO of Aperion would charter a private jet for a special home delivery to random customers.
    Win would show up at your door with your speakers and some freebies. Spend the day helping you hook them up and share a six pack over a good movie or concert DVD.  Then you'd get your HT posted in an Aperion news article.




    That would be a little too awesome!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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