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    Scott A

    I currently own the 533-T, 533C, and 532 LR  and a Bravus 12-D.  When I purchased the 533T about 2 months later they brought out the 5T's, 5C and 5B.  Now I purchased a 12-D and 7 months later we get the 12-D II.  I just would like to know when upgrades are coming so I can wait.  I am willing to pay the upgraded price for the upgraded product and even have the patients to wait a year but like most people I dont have the desire or the money to purchase items twice.  No replies necessary just venting.


    Jason Hicks

    Sorry to hear that you are irritated but it sounds to me like you are a victim of timing more than anything else.

    Seven months ago even if you had asked I couldn't have given you any real details on the Bravus II since we were still in the thick of development and I myself didn't even really know when the product would be launched.  The reality is that the development process is rarely smooth or goes as predicted, so making promises or even talking about upcoming product before it is finished isn't the best idea.

    One thing I could tell you is that historically we have redone our speaker lines every two to three years.  So if it's been over two years since there has been anything new from us you could consider it likely that something will be coming down the pike soon. 



    I do understand what you mean. In Dec of 2003, I purchased a new Chrysler 300M. Then, a few months later, they came out with the 300C, which sported a 5.7 Hemi. I had no idea that was coming. Then I thought to myself…while I would have rather had the C model, did that diminish my enjoyment of what I had? Well, the answer to that was no!

    If we wait for the next greatest before we buy, we would never buy. There is always something better that will come out later. Just think computers or cell phones for a good example of that.

    Enjoy what you have! Looks like you got one smokin' system. And….as a fellow 12D owner, I don't care how much the new one might be. My 12D kicks some serious ass!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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