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    My set up is a 5c, 2 5T's, 2 5B's and an 8D powered by an onkyo 606. I have noticed that with action movies in particular, the dialogue is a lot less clearer compared to the music score and explosion. I tried to increase the volume but this would just make the non-dialogue parts way too loud. Is there a way of "balancing out" my system so that the sound coming from the center speaker is not over powered by the rest of the speakers. My personal preference is clearer dialogue over "too much" music and explosion…any help?  thank you



    Did you run Audyssey?





    yes…i have no complaints with the sound coming from the front and the surround speakers but my center speakers could be a little "louder"


    Jason Hicks

    Hello there,

    Yes PJ asks a good question because frequently the Audyssey set up can crossover your center channel too high which can result in it being overwhelmed by the other speakers. 

    We recommend crossing over the 5C at either 60 or 80 Hz and you can find that setting in the Speaker Config. portion of the Speaker Set Up menu.

    If you ordered a 5.1 system from us you should have received an SPL meter and using this to calibrate your system often times gives you better results than Audyssey.  

    If after using the SPL meter you still feel that the dialogue is too low you can go back into the Level Calibration submenu and bump up the center channel by a couple of dB.  

    Hope that helps! 


    I have aperion 5.1 setup with onkyo 607.  I agree that audyssey makes the center channel hard to find in the mix.  I just went into the level calibration menu like Jason said and bumped up the signal to the center channel a bit.  It's also true that using the SPL makes for a much more even sound, pretty big difference in my setup after I ran that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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