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    I keep reading about timbre matching and not sure I really understand. I have 5T's and 5C with a 10B sub. If I upgraded to 6T's and kept the 5C and 10B is this still considered timbre matched? Are the speakers made to give the best sound when used as a series, eg. All 6's or all 5's



    Hello jmilliz and thanks for your inquiry. Timbre matching simply means that the speakers have a similar tonal balance and sonic signature so that when the sounds move from one speaker to another it's seamless and natural. All of our speakers are actually timbre matched to each other and across the series, so the 6Ts with the 5C will work perfectly and sound great together. Subs don't really have much in the way of timbre since they're all low frequencies, but our subs are all designed to blend seamlessly with our speakers as well.

    Hope this helps, and happy listening.

    - Oliver

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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