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    Judd Watts

    I recently purchased an Aperion Verus Grand Tower XD 5.1 system. To say I love the sound these speakers produce would be an understatement.

    In looking at my home theater budget I placed priority on the speakers. They are currently being driven by a medium/low end Yamaha AVR (RXV-765 ) that puts out about 90 watts per channel. The setup sounds wonderful and I’m not experiencing any clipping at the generally medium levels of volume that I listen to. Still, I’m wondering if I’m not doing justice by these speakers.

    I considering if it’s worth my while to upgrade the components around the speakres or have I reached the point of diminishing returns.

    Question 1: Do you think I would receive noticeable further improvement in sound quality by adding an Emotiva XPA-5 amp and using the current Yamaha in a pre/pro setup?

    Question 2: Would it be better to upgrade the Yamaha AVR itself rather than adding a separate amp?

    Trying to stay in the $1500 range for any upgrades.

    Thanks in advance for any insight the forum members and guru’s can share.


    I had the same question about my Verus Grand Tower system running on a marantz sr5007. While they sounded great, I felt like something was still missing, especially for me from the center channel for some reason. Dialogue was just a bit harsh and not as full and natural sounded as I wanted. I added the XPA-5 and use the Marantz as a pre/pro and it was a noticeable improvement to me. Aperion at the time also suggested that I would notice the difference.


    Judd Watts

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me Michael. Very much appreciate you taking the time to respond with you direct XPA-5 addition experiences.

    My biggest concern was that it would be hitting the law of diminishing returns. Good to know that there was a noticeable change in your case.


    Hello Judd,
    Sorry for the delay in responding to your questions. Also a big thanks to Mr. Gittelman for your help.

    Adding a unit like the XPA-5 will add a very good boost to the system performace without breaking the bank. The advantage to having a receiver with the proper pre-outs is the ease of adding a seperate amplifier without getting a new pre-amp/processor. It looks like you have right set up for that.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions. You can always reach us directly via the customerservice@aperionaudio.com e-mail address.

    Best regards,
    Mike Harvey

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