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    OK…so I asked Mark via Live Chat this question, but have also read a contradicting opinion or two, so I wanted to get a couple thoughts from you guys.  This is the first time I've really done the math on all this, and I'm wondering if I'm over-thinking it.


    Found a deal on a used Emotiva XPA-3 that I couldn't pass up.  200×3 @ 8ohms.  However, my plan to run my front stage with it might be foiled.  5B's are 6ohm speakers, rated at 200w max, and the 5C is 150w max.  I've heard it can be too much, and I've also heard that the dangers only exist if I truly crank it, and that large amounts of clean power won't hurt nearly as much as too little power would.  I'm in a 1bdr condo, and will upgrade to larger speaks when the room size increases.  But for now, volume levels are not remotely a problem.  I just wanted to increase the amount of clean power to my Aperions, not blow my neighbors out of the building.


    What say you?  Thoughts?  Don't want to do damage, but would prefer not to leave it in storage until I decide to upgrade to 6-series stuff.


    Thanks in advance!


    Jason Hicks

    We've been running all of our speakers, quite loud at times, off a 200 wpc rated Outlaw power amp for years here with no problems. 


    So I say:





    Haha!  All good guys…thanks!


    Now I'm almost as excited as when I first ordered my gear from you!


    Oh, and have no fear…this won't keep me from throwing down on some 6-series stuff in the future.  [;)]


    Thanks again!



    the aperions luv the extra power



    Remember Tim Taylor in the tv program Home Improvement?

    "MORE POWER"!!! grunt, grunt, grunt

    And, Captain Kirk, "I need more power Scottie!!!!"



    Did somebody ask for more power?????

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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