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    First off, let me say that I’m no audio expert and do not
    have much experience at all with high end audio products.  The Aperion Verus Forte Bookshelves were my
    first “real” speakers that I’ve had in my home, and the first “real” speakers
    that I have spent more than ten minutes listening to.  I’ve had these speakers for about a month now
    and have spent quite a bit of time with them listening to both music and
    movies.  With that being said, I’ll get
    on with my review.

    Setup and Room:

    Currently, I’m running a pair of these speakers as my
    main left and right speakers in my living room. 
    I have them paired with a HSU VTF-15H subwoofer for the low end (crossed
    over at 80hz) and these are mated to a Marantz 6005 receiver.  My listening area is about 13ft by 13ft, but
    the room is about 21 feet long by 13 feet wide. 
    The VFB is not quite large enough to really “fill” the room with sound,
    but for its size it does a really good job! 
    I’m planning to exchange for a larger Aperion Bookshelf speaker soon,
    but I wanted to see how the VFB performed in a room about my size first.

    A quick note on
    “filling” the room with sound:

    I’d just like to clarify that when I say that the VFBs
    can’t properly “fill” my room with sound, I’m not saying that they can’t get
    loud enough, but rather that they don’t sound “big” in my room.  I can easily get these speakers loud enough
    to be easily heard throughout the whole house. 
    But in my living room, these speakers still sound just a bit “small”
    instead of providing a nice “large” sound. 

    Build Quality and

    Again, I’m no expert. 
    These speakers are heavy for their and they look great!  The cabinet is solid, beautifully designed,
    and oozes quality.

    First Impressions:

    Upon hooking the speakers up for the first time, and before
    they had any time to break in, I could immediately tell that there was a
    significant leap in sound quality, imaging, detail, and clarity over most other
    speakers I have heard before.

    Thoughts on Music

    Everything is clear, detailed, and imaging is great!  Vocals sound very natural, instruments sound
    great, you can hear all the little nuances in a piece of music, and all of the
    space between the left and right speaker is filled with music!  For being Aperion’s smallest Verus line
    speaker, this thing sure sounds good!  
    It handled all the music I could throw at it well, except perhaps for
    very heavy rock music.  When playing that
    kind of music, things sounded just a little congested to me.  This may not be the speaker, it may be the
    receiver not being able to deliver enough power to the speaker, or me having to
    turn it up too loud in order to compensate for the VFB’s non-room filling
    size.  But aside from that, I’ve been
    rewarded with amazing sound for the last month!

    Thoughts on

    The imaging of these speakers really helps out with
    movies.  Despite only running a 2.1
    configuration, the dialogue always sounded like it was coming from the center
    of the screen.  The VFBs made voices
    sound natural, provided great detail on every scene (whether it was a calm
    scene or action packed), and overall sounded very good and provided a very
    decent movie experience.  The speakers
    never completely “disappeared” with any of the content I listened to, but they
    came close.  Movies were definitely more
    immersive than I’m used to.


    Really, there are only two shortcomings of the VFBs in my
    opinion.  Firstly, as mentioned before,
    they can’t “fill” a large room well.  But
    again, they weren’t designed to.  If you
    have a small listening area or don’t mind if your whole room is filled with
    sound then the VFBs would be a great choice for you.  Secondly, the VFBs don’t have great bass
    extension.  This isn’t a huge issue for
    me because I’m running a sub with them, but if you don’t have a sub or like to
    listen to 2 channel music without one, you’ll be missing a lot of low end.


    Aside from these speakers sounding a little congested on
    some heavy rock music, not being able to fill my room super well, and lacking
    in the bass department, there’s really nothing not to like about these
    speakers.  They provide very clear and
    detailed sound, they image very well, and they sound very natural.  Female and male voices sound great, and
    instrumental music is a treat!  I really
    enjoy these speakers, and I’m sure you would too!


    Jason Hicks

    I didn't realize you had pulled the trigger, so I am glad to hear that you have joined us!  [8-|]

    Thanks for taking the time to write that up (and of course for the order!), it's always great when customers provide that much detailed feedback both for us here at Aperion and for others out there that are considering a purchase.  

    Just let me know if I can help out with anything else, thanks! 



    Hey Jason,

    I'm glad to have joined you as well!  I tried posting the review on the VFB speaker page, but I couldn't log in for some reason.  Perhaps you have a way of posting my review there yourself?  I'd just like to make sure that my review is easy to find for anyone that is looking for it!



    Jason Hicks

    [quote user="Scott E."]

    Hey Jason,

    I'm glad to have joined you as well!  I tried posting the review on the VFB speaker page, but I couldn't log in for some reason.  Perhaps you have a way of posting my review there yourself?  I'd just like to make sure that my review is easy to find for anyone that is looking for it!



    Good talking to you today Scott E, glad you got the review posted, just let me know if you need help with anything else, thanks!



    I agree, I think the VFB will perform very well in that role.  Just exchanged my VFBs for a pair of VGBs and I'm enjoying the sound of them as well!  Anyway, the VFB is one heck of a speaker for such a small package!

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