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     I have a small living room (13 x 18) and my couch sits right up against the back wall. My question is whether I should use these small bipoles for the rears or the Versus Forte BS that are more timber matched. Since this is almost all for HT use and I like the idea of the enveloping rear effects that the 4BPs offer. I'm curious if you think I'll get the same effect positioning them so close (like 3-4 ft above my head) or something a little more conventional.



    Thanks for your inquiry.  Having speakers that are timbre matched are the most important for the Front left, center, and right than it is for the rear channels.  So as something pans across your screen you don't hear a difference in tone.  The rear channels are for effects only so there is not a lot of material that will come thru them. Really you can use about anything for them, but a small bookshelf or satellite is sufficient.  Now like you mentioned you want a speaker that will give you a more enveloping effect, and that is where the 4BP will come into play.  Yes, you can mount them over your head on the back wall and get that immersive sound that the Forte bookshelf can't quite deliver.  The bipoles come with their own mounting brackets, and you could add a shim to angle them a bit, and I think that would help out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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